Solve your medical staffing needs with candidates from Southeast Europe

Finding qualified medical professionals can be a frustrating and exhausting process, especially in the EU/EFTA labor market.

We can help you expand your pool of candidates to include skilled professionals from Southeast Europe. Whether you’re a business owner, HR manager, or recruiter, we can assist you in finding the right medical professionals for your organization.

Our database consists of more than 250 medical professionals, including nurses, doctors, caretakers, and midwives, who want to continue their careers in Western Europe. Our task is not only to connect you with the right candidates, but also to prepare and support them in the process of integration into their new environment. This ensures a high success rate and sustainability of your staff.

Get in touch with us for a free, non-binding consultation about our service and to ask any questions you may have.

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Our recruitment services

Discover the excellence of our medical staffing services!

Candidates pre-selection

Count on us to pre-select the best candidates for you.

Job interviews

We organize interviews (phone/video conference or in person) as well as candidate transfer to you.


We take care of all the written and official matters, from creating resumes, submitting applications, to obtaining certified translations of documents for recognition of degrees in the country you operate in.

Personal advising

Throughout the entire process, we provide personal advice to each candidate and keep you updated on their progress.

Preparation of candidates

Our services also include specific intercultural training and technical language training to help candidates integrate into their destination country.

Informing candidates

We offer a range of information and advice on living in the destination country.

Hiring candidates

The final step in the process is the hiring of the candidates who will begin working in your company/institution.

The benefits of our services

With our services, you will be able to streamline your recruitment process and find the most qualified and motivated candidates.

Save money

Save money as searching for suitable staff on your own requires high administrative and recruitment costs.

Get the right candidates

We search for qualified candidates based on your specific requirements and criteria

Shorten the recruitment period

You will have well-prepared, qualified, and motivated staff in a short time.

Save time

You’ll save a lot of time on the candidate search and evaluation process.

Reach widely

We speak the local languages of Southeast European countries and help you facilitate communication with potential employees.

Why would you prefer healthcare professionals from Southeast Europe?

Simultaneously recruiting medical staff from 9 different countries brings numerous advantages.


Healthcare professionals from SE Europe may be willing to work for lower salaries, which can help reduce labor costs for an organization.


Many healthcare professionals from SE Europe have received high-quality education and training, and may be highly skilled in their field.

Cultural fit

Healthcare professionals from SE Europe may be more familiar with the culture and customs of the destination country, which can make it easier for them to integrate into their new work environment.


Many candidates already speak foreign languages – English, German, etc.

Personal growth

The current political and social situation in the Balkans leaves little room for personal development. The opportunity for employment in the West increases motivation and desire to work. Use this drive!

Shortage of qualified professionals

Expanding the pool of candidates to include professionals from SE Europe is a useful strategy.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We are a recruitment agency from Croatia, but we find candidates from all over the world, with a focus on countries in Southeast Europe: Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.

We charge for our medical staffing services only after successful placement, meaning after the candidate is hired by your company. We are flexible in terms of payment and the price is determined only after prior agreement with the employer. We only deal with employment mediation, not the leasing of workers.

Our service is not paid in advance. It is charged only after the successful placement of the candidate. The terms of cooperation between us are regulated by a contract.

It depends on various factors: the profession and qualifications of the candidate, your specific search criteria (e.g. language skills, years of experience, specific knowledge, etc.), the working conditions your company offers candidates, legal regulations of the countries the candidates are coming from and going to, etc.

The interest of candidates from non-EU countries is usually higher, while on the other hand, the employment of candidates from the EU is usually simpler and requires a shorter period.

You can leave us a message on the following link. Soon after that, we will reach back to you.

Still not sure?

Let us assure you that we:

  • are a team of experienced professionals with a wealth of experience in international recruitment and job advertising,
  • are a confident partner for your hiring needs,
  • execute marketing activities that are both efficient and cost-effective, and
  • take pride in conducting ourselves with the highest level of integrity and ethics in all our work
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